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About Us

We work in the mining sector carrying out mineral prospecting, geological survey, mineral extraction and processing. We bring together the mining sector and blockchain technology through our project, designed for global gravel production. Our tokens will be offered in the pre-sale (4 weeks), and ICO.

The project offers a great opportunity to hold the token and get an interesting discount on the product's purchase. Later on we will include the production of concrete and asphalt.

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Paulo Carneiro


Edivaldo Mascarenhas

Software Developer

Luan Ribeiro

Software Developer

Emanoel Apolinario


Ricardo Chagas

Mining Engineer

Pedro Fonseca


Ely Rocha

Plant Technician

Dmitry Pshenin

Marketing Director


Martin Glettler


Klaus Kirchhoff


Dr. Max Gutbrod


Jarrod Cronin


Jauberth Abijaude


Naviin Kapoor


Felipe Sanches


John Wesley Days Jr.

Ambassador to the US



We prospect, survey and develop mines to deliver useful products. We believe in an optimal balance of environment and economic efficiency, that leads to a rational use of resources. With this project we are commited with the communities surrounding the mining sites to deliver not only gravel for civil construction, roads and railways, but also shelter, dignity and free move.


White Paper

Our Mission

Development is an inexorable movement. Human beings are constantly seeking the improvement of their lives, the society and also the Earth. Housing is one of the primary needs and transportation also plays a very important role in society. Gravel is a basic product both for housing as well for transportation. In many areas around the globe there is a shortage of gravel and we are ready to help in this particular based on our experience and skills in the mining sector. So, we embrace the cause and make us available on behalf of the society. This is the main reason we make all efforts to settle this project with different positive aspects for each related group involved - the stakeholders.